From November 12 to November 28, 2022, an official delegation of the non-profit organization “Techno Women” visited the United States of America to promote women entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan at the international level. As an aim of the trip was experienceexchange, search for potential partners and programs to develop the digital competencies of girls and women.

A team of like-minded people visited the cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles.

During the trip, a number of meetings were held with large technology companies, organizations in Silicon Valley in the United States, negotiations with women’s non-profit organizations that support girls in technology, as well as visits to large organizations in the IT industries. Also, agreements were reached with a number of companies and organizations on further cooperation. 

In addition, all members of the delegation were able to take part in the voting in the presidential elections in Kazakhstan, at a polling station organized at the consulate.

All the acquired knowledge and insights, the girls brought home and are ready to implement and implement the ideas of the digital future in Kazakhstan!