The non-profit organization Techno Women promotes the development of technology business,
free competition and promotion of projects of Techno Women members in Kazakhstan and

In order to support technology businesses, Techno Women has launched initiatives to develop
the digital economy through the following activities:

  1. On August 27, 2022, a meeting was held with Aida Balaeva, Chairman of the National Commission for Women and Family and Demographic Policy under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, with members of the TechnoWomen Association;
    Presentation “TW Initiatives”

  2. On September 28-29, 2022, the Techno Women Association took part in the International Forum and Exhibition of Digital Technologies “Digital Bridge 2022” in Astana. The Techno Women stand was one of the highlights at this event. On the sidelines of the forum, Techno Women’s Initiatives aimed at developing the digital economy in Kazakhstan were presented;
    Presentation “TW Initiatives for Digital Bridge”

  3. On November 3, 2022, at a meeting with a member of the Mazhilis of the Parliament, Ekaterina Vasilievna Smyshlyaeva, members of the Techno Women Association came up with legislative initiatives aimed at supporting technology businesses in Kazakhstan.
    Letter to Smyshlyaeva