The IT-Aiel program was launched for the first time in 2023, thanks to which more than 2,500 unemployed women from 17 regions of Kazakhstan received free training in professions in the field of information technology. It is expected that the IT-Aiel program will continue this year, supporting women’s aspirations for a successful career in the IT field.
The average age of program participants is 32 years. First, they will take a basic computer literacy course, and then No Code School and Freelance School. The training program includes a variety of formats: video lectures, assignments, online webinars and workshops.

A significant part of the program will be taken up by No Code School. During this course, participants will learn to create IT products quickly and without the need for programming, and will also master the basic principles of creating startup projects and their proper testing.
Based on the results of the training, all graduates of the IT-Aiel program will receive electronic certificates. And the 100 most active and talented program participants will be invited to the Astana Hub for a ceremony, where they will be able to share their experience and ideas, as well as find support and inspiration for further professional development.