TechnoWomen & Kinergy Foundation have signed a memorandum of cooperation!

On January 20, representatives of the TechnoWomen community participated in a Kick Off event organized by the Kinergy Foundation, operators of the Technovation Girls program in Kazakhstan. Our representatives signed a memorandum of cooperation, strengthening the partnership with the organizers. We are especially proud that our community has become a partner of the program, providing… Read more »

NGO TechnoWomen participated in the meeting at the Government House of the Republic of Kazakhstan

With the support of the National Commission on Women's Affairs and Family and Demographic Policy under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the association @technowomenkz is actively developing in Kazakhstan in order to create new conditions for women in the digital economy. One of the significant events related to the Association was the speech… Read more »

TechnoWomen held meetings in Aktau!

Members of the TechnoWomen community in Aktau regularly hold meetings where they discuss issues related to the opening of the TechnoWomen Aktau branch. During these meetings, the participants exchange ideas, develop development strategies and create plans for the active involvement of women in the technological sphere. The enthusiasm and solidarity of the community members are… Read more »

TechnoWomen meeting with the director of “Smart City” Dushanbe Saadi Samadzod

January 29, 2024 Director of the State Unitary Enterprise "Smart City" Dushanbe Saadi Samadzod met with representatives of companies , White Hill Capital, Tumar Venture Fund and TechnoWomen in the office . Projects in the field of education were discussed at the meeting, and the parties expressed their readiness for effective cooperation, planning… Read more »

TechnoGirls meeting at the Riviera International School

The TechnoGirls: Motivation Day3 meeting was held at the Riviera International School, enriching the participants with useful success stories from the speakers. At the end of the event, a mini-activity was organized, where the girls visualized their ideas about the graphic and UI/UX designer, as well as the system administrator. The results were impressive, emphasizing… Read more »

TechnoWomen at Digital Almaty 2024!

The TechnoWomen community created an exciting event at Digital Almaty 2024, where the speakers' presentations under the theme "TechnoGirls: Girls choose STEM" were extremely interesting. The active participation of girls in the quiz only emphasized their deep interest in science and technology. 🚀👩‍🔬 It has become a real celebration of knowledge sharing and mutual inspiration!

TechnoWomen has entered into a partnership with Yandex Cloud

At the Digital Almaty 2024 forum, Yandex Cloud and the TechnoWomen community announced a collaboration to support startups and scientific initiatives, especially in the field of technology. The partnership is aimed at increasing the number of women in technology industries and developing women's entrepreneurship.

TechnoWomen held its first regional conference

On February 17th, 2024, the TechnoWomen NGO held its first regional conference at the Karta Hall in Abylkas Saginov's presence. The event, under the motto of "Together into the Future: Education, Innovation, Equality", was organized in collaboration with the university and brought together a diverse range of participants from various fields and professional backgrounds. The event was divided into two major sections: TECHNOGIRLS, which aims to engage girls in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education, and Digital Transformation and New Opportunities for Sustainable Business Development.  Representatives from TechnoWomen expressed their heartfelt appreciation for the excellent organization of the event and the warm hospitality extended to all the participants at the conference. … Read more »

Buisness lunch with TechnoWomen!

On February 24, a business lunch was held in Astana at 13:00 with the participation of members of the TechnoWomen community. The main topic of discussion was detailed plans for the organization of the upcoming forum, as well as wishes for a good Nauryz holiday to each other. The meeting was full of information and… Read more »

March 8th with TechnoWomen!

On March 6, the Minister of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Bagdat Musin, on behalf of the entire government, congratulated the beautiful female audience on International Women's Day! The Minister highlighted the role of women in the development of our state and thanked the girls in the TechnoWomen community… Read more »

The forum “3D success of a modern woman” from TechnoWomen.

Thanks to everyone who joined us at the Central Asian festive Women's Forum "3D success of a modern woman", organized by the TechnoWomen community and PMI KZ! We held a meeting on March 6, 2024, where we discussed important issues about women's health and beauty, and received a lot of useful information from experts and… Read more »

Regional training with TechnoWomen in Satbayev University

On March 13, Satbayev University hosted the second exciting regional training within the framework of the SheInnovator project, with the support of the USAID project for the development of entrepreneurship and the business environment! The event brought together more than 200 participants - from female students to businesswomen - in order to immerse themselves in… Read more »

Business lunch with NGO TechnoWomen

Today we held a Business lunch with representatives of the TechnoWomen community. The main reason for the meeting was how we would conduct the upcoming annual TechnoWomen Central Asia: AI Future forum. Follow our Instagram page to find out information about the forum.

Auyzahsar dinner from TechnoWomen🌙

We are pleased to announce that on April 1, 2024, a successful auyzashar took place, organized by representatives of our community. During this event, we discussed all the details of the upcoming forum, as well as other important issues. The agenda included the following issues: 1. Discussion of the program and format of the upcoming… Read more »

Business breakfast from TechnoWomen with Ayuna Walter

Productive start of the day! 🌼 Another open business breakfast was held, where we talked about work-life balance. The speaker was Ayuna Walter, head of the aviata online service. Our women listened to the lecture and shared their thoughts and ideas.🤩 Our community where you will find support and strength among women! Follow our updates… Read more »