Tech Girls is an opportunity for young girls to discover their potential in the field of information technology. Our goal is to support the younger generation by providing them with the skills necessary for a successful career in the IT field. This is not only an investment in talent development, but also in the future of Kazakhstan’s digital economy.

The Tech Girls program, designed for two months, offers more than 3,000 girls from all regions of the country free training in the areas of No Code, Low Code and Beta Career. The educational process includes webinars, workshops, live broadcasts, as well as sessions with experts and mentors from Techno Women and Astana Hub. As part of the training, participants will have the opportunity to create their own IT product and undergo an internship at leading IT companies.
Participants in the Tech Girls program will acquire unique skills that allow them to create IT products quickly and efficiently. For example, No Code School will teach the basics of creating landing pages, websites, mobile applications, chat bots and marketplaces, providing access to up-to-date tools without the need for manual coding. Low-Code is suitable for those who want to develop applications with minimal programming skills, and the Beta Career course will provide the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully pass interviews at prestigious IT companies, from experienced professionals in the field of career consulting and career guidance.