Latest Past Events

Business breakfast in Astana

Sat ​Проспект Мангилик Ел, 51, Астана

Today's business breakfast from #TechnoWomen in Astana was incredible! It's amazing to meet such talented and inspiring women in the tech world. We look forward to the next meetings and new achievements together!

New Year Party

La'strada Майлина 35, Астана

Representatives of the TechnoWomen community from Astana and Almaty welcomed the New year in a cozy atmosphere of a virtual corporate party through a teleconference on the ZOOM platform. This unique experience allowed the participants to unite despite the distance and have fun in the company of colleagues and friends. The evening was bright and… Read more »

TechnoGirls: Motivation Day 2

Haileybury Astana ул. Ивана Панфилова 4, Астана

December 9, 2023 was an incredible day at Haileybury Astana, thanks to a motivational event held by us, the TechnoWomen community! Our participants shared their experiences and became real sources of inspiration for schoolgirls.  Together we are building a future in the world of technology!