The TechnoWomen community has become a partner of the EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2023 contest!

On July 13, the next national stage of the international EY program “Entrepreneur of the Year” will start in Kazakhstan. Entrepreneurs from all regions of the country are invited to participate – they will receive an independent assessment and recognition of their achievements from reputable juries representing international and Kazakhstani business circles.
Applications will be accepted until the end of October this year. The competition is open, any interested candidate can get acquainted with the terms of participation and submit an application.
Participation in the program does not involve any monetary contributions from entrepreneurs.
The results of the Kazakhstan stage of this international competition will be announced in December 2023 – at the award ceremony in Almaty, the merits of the finalists will be noted, the names of the winners in the nominations and the name of the national winner from among them will be known.
The national winner will represent Kazakhstan in the international final in Monaco in June 2024. The program will give the winner the opportunity to become a member of a prestigious community of entrepreneurs, get new ideas for the development of their business and growth opportunities due to the recognition of their success not only in Kazakhstan, but also in the international arena.
To participate in the program, you must meet the program criteria and submit an application in a timely manner (no later than October 31, 2023): .
The members of the jury evaluate the participating entrepreneurs collectively in accordance with their professional experience and expertise, while adhering to the criteria established by the program, which are the same for all participating countries of the competition. Special attention is paid to the reputation of the participant. The information about the participant of the competition specified in the application is confidential and is used by the organizer of the competition solely for the purposes of the program.

The main objective of this competition is to support entrepreneurship as a driving force of economic development and to recognize the merits of the most outstanding representatives of private business in the face of the public of different countries.
The history of the contest has more than 30 years. Its geography is constantly expanding, and today the national stages of the competition are held in more than 140 cities of 60 countries around the world, which together account for over 90% of global GDP.