The results of the “TechnoWomen Leaders” competition for 2023

At the International Forum “TECHNOWOMEN CENTRAL ASIA: AI FUTURE” the results of the “TechnoWomen Leaders” competition for 2023 were summed up.

So, the winners were:

1. “Digital Empowerment Volunteer” – a nomination highlighting individuals whose activities in the field of the digital economy have contributed to the empowerment of women. These people provided help and support in self-realization, developing skills and self-confidence through digital technologies, and overcoming social and cultural barriers facing women. The winners in this nomination were: the Public Foundation “Kinergy” for the Technovation Girls project, which this year brought together a record number of participants of 800 girls and the National Association of Women Entrepreneurs ASMAR for their contribution to the development of women’s entrepreneurship in the regions;

2. In the “Women’s Digital Education Excellence” nomination, 2 projects won: “IT Ayel”, which was implemented with the support of the Astana Hub International Technopark (training women in none code and low code programming, more than 2000 women participants) and the Akyl Project Ayim” from Kyrgyzstan to train more than 600 women in rural areas in digital skills.

3. In the “Digital Technology Excellence” category, Sabira Kulchimbaeva won with the “Banana mama” project, which helps women prepare for childbirth using digitalization.

4. “Digital Gender Equality Champion” – a nomination recognizing executives and leaders who have succeeded in promoting gender equality in the digital economy. These awards recognize their significant contributions to creating fair and inclusive workplaces where all employees can equally thrive and succeed, regardless of their gender. The nomination was presented to the Minister of Science and Higher Education, Sayasat Nurbek, for promoting women at the decision-making level, increasing the number of female rectors especially in technical universities and increasing women on boards of directors.

5. “Digital Legal Excellence Award” – nomination for outstanding efforts in protecting the rights and interests of women, promoting the development of the digital economy, digital technologies and innovative approaches in the legal field. This nomination was received by: Dinara Zakieva, Commissioner for Children’s Rights, for her contribution to the promotion of the law on women’s rights and children’s safety, and Aliya Esmukhanova, deputy director of the department of the NCE Atameken, for her contribution to the development of digital legislation in Kazakhstan.