“TECHNO WOMEN ALMATY: ALMATY – DIGITAL HEART” FORUM was held at the site of Satbayev University on May 18, 2022.

The purpose of the forum “Techno Women Almaty” was the desire to unite and promote girls and women working in technology industries! The forum plans included the creation of a progressive women’s community in Almaty, which will generate new solutions and projects for the convenience and comfort of residents and guests of the metropolis.

“TECHNO WOMEN ALMATY: ALMATY – DIGITAL HEART – will become a platform for bright and interesting speakers, new ideas and projects for the happiness of Kazakhstanis.  

The TECHNO WOMEN community includes women who develop tech startups, digital services in SMEs, working in companies in the EduTech, FinTech, GovTech, HealthTech Digital, New Media and other areas related to high technology. 

Speakers at the event shared in their speeches about opportunities to involve girls and women in the digital economy and technology industries, initiating IT projects to improve life in Almaty and programs to teach girls and women to code, as well as new digital skills. The speakers made presentations on how women can expand their economic opportunities and gain financial independence with the help of new technologies. To do this, free projects are being implemented today, such as the BTS Education e-commerce school, mentoring programs to increase the professional growth of girls in high-tech industries. The TECHNO WOMEN community also plans to prepare female digital officers for a large-scale digital transformation in the economy.

At the event, certificates were raffled off for free training courses from Jumysbar on SMM and Product Management, Geometry on data analytics on Power BI, from programming schools and other educational programs that will allow women to become competitive in the new digital world. In addition, small prizes were presented from QazCloud partners, Kazguu Business School and the organizers of the Techno Women forum themselves.

The TECHNO WOMEN community proposes to conduct a study on gender issues, with perspectives and women in tech circles, as also proposes to develop a specific policy for tech companies. In addition, the TECHNO WOMEN community suggests that the state conduct explanatory work in schools with girls and parents, stimulate the involvement of girls in STEM education. In partnership with Astana Hub, it is also planned to implement a joint program to attract young people and women to start a movement in the IT field. In partnership with Astana Hub, it is also planned to implement a joint program to involve girls and women in the IT start-up movement.

You can join the TECHNO WOMEN community by the link:


Community social networks:  instargam and facebook — TechnoWomenKz

The event was held in «Satbayev University.

For reference. The main tasks of the newly created community are also:

1. Create a professional community of women in the field of high technology, as well as promote the professional growth and advancement of women in technology industries.

2. To promote the female digital start up movement. 

3. Promote the education of girls in STEM disciplines, programming, robotics, computer design, e-commerce, and other related disciplines. 

4. Conduct awareness-raising work among the female half of society about relevant professions in the digital economy and expand women’s economic opportunities with the help of high technologies.

5. Create a dialogue platform for discussing the most pressing issues of digitalization of the economy. 

6. Contribute to the promotion of gender equality in the digital economy.

7. Create conditions for the active involvement of women in the digital economy.

The new generation of women in Kazakhstan chooses progressive ideas!

Program your future and change this world for yourself.