Lyailya Abdrakhmanova

Lyailya Abdrakhmanova


Head and Founder of Tech Integra, Head and Co-founder

ASP Services LLP;


Co-founder of “Nomad Supply” LLP; founder of “Road Products Plant” LLP, founder of “Rukhani Bolashak” LLP,

Co-founder and member of the non-profit organization TECHNOWOMEN

The holder of a grant from the World Bank for the creation of a laboratory for the production of strains of microorganisms. Member of the Association of OULS and Individual Entrepreneurs of the Republican Association “Rukhani Bolashak”, which carries out activities within the framework of the state program of physical culture and creative order in order to protect the rights and interests of suppliers and stakeholders of this Program;

Sponsor of various youth competitions to support scientific, creative and social activities at the state level, as well as to form a successful young Kazakhstan business.