NPO TechnoWomen Competition


We are announcing the start of accepting applications for participation in the competition for the award of the NPO “TechnoWomen”

Below are the nominations, and at the very bottom there are links to Google forms. Separately for individuals and legal entities.

  1. “Digital Gender Equality Champion” is a nomination recognizing executives and leaders who have succeeded in promoting gender equality in the digital economy. These awards recognize their significant contribution to creating a fair and inclusive working environment where all employees can equally thrive and achieve success, regardless of their gender.
  2. “Digital Empowerment Volunteer” is a nomination highlighting individuals whose work in the field of digital economy has contributed to the empowerment of women. These people provided help and support in self-realization, skills development and self-confidence through digital technologies, as well as overcoming social and cultural barriers facing women.
  3. “Women’s Digital Education Excellence” is a nomination highlighting the best educational projects in the digital economy focusing on the education of women and girls. Projects should demonstrate innovative techniques and effective strategies that promote the development of education in the technology industries.
  4. “Digital Technology Excellence” is a nomination celebrating scientific works in the field of informatization that have a significant impact on the lives and well-being of women. Projects should demonstrate how their results and solutions contribute to solving the problems faced by women and improving their quality of life.
  5. The Digital Legal Excellence Award is a nomination for outstanding efforts in protecting the rights and interests of women, promoting the development of the digital economy, digital technologies and innovative approaches in the legal field. – For LEGAL ENTITIES – For INDIVIDUALS

Each participant of the Competition has the right to apply for participation in one or two nominations (no more). Applications are accepted until March 30, 2024 #technowomen #technogirls