Kazakh Girls Will Be Trained In Game Design and Game Development

On December 15, 2022, a cooperation agreement was signed between the Public Fund “Digital Transformation”, the Non-Profit Organization “Techno Women” and the Private Company Parakozm LTD.

The purpose of signing the agreement is to train youth in Kazakhstan in Game Development and Game Design on the platform of the IT school Zeba Academy.

Parakozm LTD, is an international IT company with offices in Kazakhstan, the UAE, the Kingdom of Bahrain, as well as became professionals in scientific and technical activities aimed at STEM education for the development of IT skills.

Techno Women, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting women and girls in technology industries, together with Parakozm LTD are ready to provide free training webinars from scratch on the topics of “Game development on Unity and C #”, etc.

Upon completion of the course, an electronic certificate will be issued. This course will be the first step in a common collaboration. In addition, the organizations plan to collaborate in 2023 in the following areas:

• Promoting education in STEM fields, in particular in the field of natural sciences, information and communication technologies, through the organization of trainings, courses, events and seminars;

• Development of local competencies in the field of information and communication technologies by using the best world practices and offering advanced learning resources;

• Exploring and sharing mutually beneficial areas of knowledge for the advancement, self-expression, development of skills and experience of students in the country;

• Cooperation in other areas of work as agreed between the relevant management of the parties.

In 2022, the TechnoWomen Association organized free training for girls in programming with the grant support of the Qwant Programming School, training for artisans in the free E-Commerce School with the support of BTS Education, and training in Data science with the support of the Data Boom School.

The Digital Transformation Public Foundation is implementing a project to open free classes to teach programming to children in the regions and single-industry towns of I-Ybray.

Registration link for the course – https://zeba.academy/ru/razrabotka-igr-unity/