IT-AIEL Demo Day

Astana Hub, in cooperation with the National Commission on Women’s Affairs and Family and Demographic Policy under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, EPAM and NGO TechnoWomen, successfully conducts training under the IT-Aiel program. The purpose of this program was to train more than 2,000 unemployed women from 17 regions of Kazakhstan in professions in the field of information technology, which allowed them to create their first projects. On October 23, 2023, 50 women were awarded certificates.

Today, 122 participants of the program have completed their training and received electronic certificates. The rest continue their studies. 50 women from 10 regions created their own IT products, such as websites or applications, which allowed them to pass the final stage and come to the certificate awarding ceremony.

A total of 2,675 unemployed women over the age of 18 have applied to participate in the IT-Aiel program with the intention of studying courses such as No Code School, Freelance School and the basics of computer literacy. The program includes webinars, workshops, live broadcasts, question and answer sessions and much more. The largest number of applications were received from Astana and Akmola region (847), Almaty and Almaty region (468), Uralsk and West Kazakhstan region (275), Atyrau and Atyrau region (179) and Aktobe and Aktobe region (120). The average age of the participants was 32 years.