ICTWeek Uzbekistan – 2023

Within the framework of the important event “ICTWeek Uzbekistan – 2023” in Tashkent, the event “Empowering Women in IT: Leading the Digital Revolution” was held, designed to emphasize the importance of the role of women in the world of information technology. The President and co-founder, together with the participants of the NGO “TechnoWomen”, attended the event, demonstrating strong support and importance of this initiative.

An important step towards ensuring equality was the signing of a memorandum of cooperation between the two countries during the forum. The main purpose of the event was to actively involve women in the field of information technology, improve their computer literacy and teach the basics of information technology.

In order to implement this initiative, the Ministry of Digital Technologies of Uzbekistan is implementing several important projects, such as “IT-Women uz”, “Skills4girls” and “GAP” IT Club, aimed at raising awareness, training and involving women in the IT field.

These steps indicate the serious desire of the Government of Uzbekistan to create a favorable and equal environment for women in the field of information technology, opening up new opportunities for talent development and career growth.

This event was a vivid example of how countries can join forces to achieve gender equality and stimulate development in the field of information technology. These steps will contribute to the accelerated pace of digitalization and contribute to the development of society as a whole.