Digital solutions against violence

Kazakhstan has long mastered the scope of digital solutions for effective interaction between the state and business with society. So, according to the UN rating, Kazakhstans Egov ranks 28th in the world.

According to the network society readiness index, Kazakhstan also belongs to the category of dynamically developing countries and ranks 61st among 130 countries. And this means that digitalization as a tool is also important to use to solve pressing social problems. One of the significant problems of modern society is domestic violence and various types of discrimination. According to experts, the economic damage from domestic violence is about 2 trillion tenge per year.

To search for digital solutions in terms of preventing and combating domestic violence, the Digital Transformation Public Foundation, Akhter Studio LLP, the Techno Women non-profit organization and the AIESEC youth organization held a 24-hour hackathon for girls “SheCodes” (November 12-13 2022 on the basis of Astana IT University).

“SheCodes” is a hackathon marathon that goes on without a break during the day, where each team, in accordance with the provided case, creates project work from scratch. The purpose of the event is to unlock the potential of girls in the field of information technology.

The case of the hackathon was the development of solutions and applications for the prevention of violence in Kazakhstan under the auspices of the launched action “16 days of civic activism against violence”. A total of 106 young girls took part in the hackathon. Initially, 3 prizes were allocated, but during the presentation, the jury selected 4 best works.

The winners of the “She codes” hackathon are:

1st place: Totally Spies team with participants: Dinora Khalidullaeva, Aigerim Mazhikenova, Nazgul Kamzina.

The project is the winner of the first place called “Qamqor”, this application,

which is aimed at working with the consciousness of the younger generation. The project helps to study social education and legal literacy through videos and tests.

“Be with Qamqor!!!” – this is the slogan of the team.

2nd place: 3DEVice team

Participants: Daria Voronkina, Margarita Ermachenkova, Svetlana Kuchuganova.

The project is “Safe gesture”. Implementation of a function in surveillance cameras that will recognize a gesture, a signal for help. An international universal signal for help that can be given with one hand, namely:

1) Turn your palm towards the camera and press your thumb:

2) Grab your thumb with your palm.

2 teams became the owners of 3 places at once:

3rd place: Fifty One team. Participants: Aidana Baglanova, Aruzhan Nurmanova, Ardak Alipova.

The project is “Shakebox”, an application that can activate an alarm.

A cell phone can detect an interval change in vertical position, which can be used as a shake signal. Its functions:

1. Call for help.

2.Audio wiretapping and video recording.

3rd place: Umay team. 

Participants: Aiym Sadykova, Amina Umbeteeva, Araylym Medetbek, Diana Abduaitova.

The project is The mobile application will help prevent cases of domestic violence and harassment and even save lives. The application will be created for women who face the problem of domestic violence and harassment. However, the application will also be relevant for people who need to instantly notify their loved ones about the danger, for example, if something goes wrong during a night ride in a taxi.

Presentations of all projects developed as part of the “She Codes” hackathon can be viewed at the link:



Event organizers:

AIESEC in Astana – @aieseckz

Public Foundation “Digital Transformation” – @digitaltransformationkz

Akhter Studio LLP –

“Techno Women” Non-profit organization– @technowomenkz