The corporate culture of TECHNOWOMEN serves the following purposes:

  • Consolidation of all TECHNOWOMEN members into a single team with common values and goals, philosophy and a common direction of movement;
  • Creation of new opportunities and promotion of TECHNOWOMEN participants, their projects, businesses and initiatives at the country and international levels;
  • Striving for high principles of business ethics;
  • Formation of an innovative and entrepreneurial culture in TECHNOWOMEN, which will promote collaboration among TECHNOWOMEN participants, the development of high leadership, business and intellectual qualities;
  • Increasing the motivation of girls and women participating in TECHNOWOMEN for self-realization using advanced technologies, as well as the formation of an active citizenship.

The Code of Corporate Culture is a guide for all TECHNOWOMEN members, regardless of the
status of participation and position held, as well as the forms of involvement in the activities of

At the core of the TECHNOWOMEN brand philosophy is a value system that is closely linked
to the brand. Values reflect our strengths and determine the priority areas for the development of
corporate culture. Our values must be shared by all participants, which contributes to the
development of the corporate culture of TECHNOWOMEN.

The core corporate values of TECHNOWOMEN are embedded in logo as an abbreviation of a
twisted spiral in the form of a flower and the letter W. The main call: “Be smart, innovative,
well-doing and unique women”.

Slogan used in conjunction with the logo is “Join the news generation of women”.

We achieve our goals by practically using 5 principles for managing our activities:

  • Specific – precisely formulating tasks;
  • Measurable – by measuring the indicators of success and the value of its activities for society and its members;
  • Achievable – we set achievable goals at each stage and move progressively forward;
  • Relevant – constantly commensurate the relevance of our plans with the needs of our members, partners and all stakeholders;
  • Time bound – we value our time, considering it the most valuable and irreplaceable resource.


We challenge conservatism! Innovation is the essence not only of our projects, but also of our
lives. The carriers of innovations are talented, extraordinary people. We will unite such people
around us. Innovations are born at the intersection of different activities and professions. We are
open to different people from different areas of knowledge, culture, territories. We will create a
creative environment in which any woman can express herself. We aim to develop innovative
thinking in all our participants.


We applaud the uniqueness of our TECHNOWOMEN members.

We support creativity, the search for non-standard and unique solutions, new approaches to
achieve the goals of TECHNOWOMEN. We promote a creative approach to work and life. We
support all creative and creative initiatives of our participants, employees, partners.
TECHNOWOMEN is committed to creating a unique environment, developing unique solutions
for all members.

Ethical principles of corporate culture Techno Women

A responsibility
Speaking on behalf of Technowomen, its members comply with the norms and rules of business
and moral and ethical behavior, act in the interests of Technowomen, strengthening its image,
without taking actions that damage the interests and reputation of organization.

The trust
Trust is the highest priority of TECHNOWOMEN. Technowomen members show mutual trust
and respect for their colleagues, avoiding discrimination, neglect, aggression, rudeness and
boorishness, addressing each other politely, without familiarity and profanity. Each of us
contributes to the strengthening of Technowomen’s relationships with all stakeholders. We strive
to avoid conflicts of interest through free, responsible ethical choices. We make every effort to
introduce and develop in Technowomen social responsibility, the spirit of mutual understanding
and cooperation, tolerance for others and tolerance for other people’s opinions.

Each TECHNOWOMEN member must guarantee the accuracy of the information she provides,
as well as maintain confidentiality and ethical attitude towards initiatives, information, projects
and ideas discussed within TECHNOWOMEN. We strive for transparency in all our affairs and
treat each other with honesty, only in this way can we achieve the impeccable reputation of our
TECHNOWOMEN. We maintain confidentiality and take a responsible approach to non-
disclosure of commercial and official information about members, partners and friends.

Technowomen ensures the availability of resources and information, the conditions for the active
participation of its members in the implementation of its mission. Provides an opportunity for
collegial decision-making, taking into account the interests and needs of all its members and
stakeholders, providing timely information about existing problems and their possible solutions.
Annually publishes an open report on activities for the past reporting period and a program of
activities for the next one. Technowomen is open to constructive criticism and learning from
their mistakes.

Free exchange of experience and knowledge
The main source of TECHNOWOMEN knowledge is its members. The free exchange of knowledge and experience between our members contributes to the development of an innovative entrepreneurial and educational environment. At the same time, any information of a confidential nature must be kept secret and not distributed to third parties outside TECHNOWOMEN. Mentoring programs and other tools for sharing experience and knowledge are key to TECHNOWOMEN.

Combination of professionalism and spirituality
Each member of Technowomen is aware of the high mission of our organization and their role as
a bearer and exponent of spiritual culture and the best traditions of the female half of
Kazakhstani society, carries out professional and moral improvement, monitors their appearance,
speech, behavior and strives to be a model of professional and ethical behavior for others, shows
integrity by consistently refraining from lying, fraud, corruption and other forms of dishonest
behavior that undermine the image of a member of Technowomen.

Healthy lifestyle
One of the most important conditions for the sustainable functioning of TECHNOWOMEN is a
healthy lifestyle of members. TECHNOWOMEN will always make every effort to provide a
healthy, eco-friendly comfortable environment, and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Entrepreneurial environment
TECHNOWOMEN is committed to the development of women’s entrepreneurship. We are
guided not only by the principles of free competition, a market economy, but also by our own
active position aimed at developing entrepreneurial qualities among TECHNOWOMEN
participants. Our TECHNOWOMEN members must be performance and cost effective. At the
heart of any development and success is the spirit of entrepreneurship – the desire of people to
take on a new business, risking comfort and guaranteed results. We support the spirit of
entrepreneurship in TECHNOWOMEN and provide opportunities for self-realization in new
areas of business.

Сorporate Culture Code